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400 – 900 Calories A Day: Good or Bad Idea?

June 18, 2013
There are lots of people struggling to lose weight, after trying different methods they decide to go for 400 – 800 calories per day. After trying this method, they realize that they gain even more than their formal weight. So the question is why do they gain more weight? Ain’t they supposed to lose weight since they consume fewer calories? Well the answer to these questions lies between the sentence below and more.

No matter the amount of pounds you loss or how healthy you look, if you are taken in less than 1200 calories every day, you are killing your body.

The thing is, when you consume lower calories for a period of time, you lower your metabolism and by the time you increase your calories intake you will consume more than you normally consume and thereby increasing your calories.

Also, if you consume 1200 calories and burn 400 calories every day, it still means you are consuming less than the regular amount your body needs. You are only sending your body to starvation mode, which is worst for your health.

So how much am I to consume per day?

When it comes to weight lose many people are scared when the word “calories” is mentioned. For our body metabolism to function very well it needs calories, but when the calories consumed is more than the basic requirement then you will begin to add unusually weight.

Taking in minimum of 1500 – 2000 calories will keep your body metabolism active and healthy. This way when you burn some calories, you will still have more needed for keeping your body going.

There are lots of ways to get these healthy calories without damaging your body. Some you can get from your daily meals prepared at home and not from those fast foods outlets, fruits and nuts etc. Avoid eating big chunk of foods at once rather break them into small units and take them at interval throughout the day.

Hope you find this article helpful, if so feel free to share it with friends that it can help and they will love you for it. You can also read Get This WOW Tasting Low-Calorie Snack Concept

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